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Wednesday is "Two Dollar Day" at Just One More!  

Post 155 collected $230 for Danny Thomas during the one-on one tournament last Friday.   He has fallen on some hard times and hopefully this will be a help.  For those who don't know Danny, he has been a loyal dart shooter supporting our league pubs for years, although never able to join CADA because of his work schedule.  

We are missingg stats for Just One More vs Post 26 for week 9  which is why the stats for week 9 show a ? for these teams.


A- Shooters- don't forget during weeks 6-10 decide where you will be shooting for weeks 11-15.  After next week I will put out a new schedule to all A-division captians for weeks 11-15.  If you see an error please let me know ASAP.  Thanks.


I am amending the rule of requiring that you play with a ghost subject to and agreement reached by both team captains of all future matches.  If a team is missing a player the two team captains can discuss a remedy  if they can both agree, meaning the one player can either shoot for himself and the ghost or another team player may shoot in the ghost's place.  However, both team capatins must agree to the arrangement or the ghost rule stands.  We are here to have fun, and when circumstances arise that a team captain has no control over someone not showing up it is not fair to the man or woman left to have to face a certain loss.  That is NOT fun, and as long as no one is abusing the lineup I see no problem with this arrangement.  I've discussed it with the division representatives and this is the consensus.



Krazy Dave, CADA Manager

Email: cada@cableone.net  

Phone: 256-283-0734



David Faulkner, Manager
Donnalee Faulkner, Administrator 


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