Central Alabama Dart Association
Covering Anniston, Oxford, Weaver, & Jacksonville, Alabama.

 Visit these CADA League Members, Click on the image below!  Link will change daily!

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Match results should either be phoned in to 256-283-0734 or sent to cadaleague@gmail.com.  I have made this change so that I can use my cell phone for all match results instead of having to use the computer email and the phone to get results for posting.

When reporting All stars, PLEASE give me first and last names.  I don't want to have to go to the list of players to figure out who you are reporting on. Thanks!  

 Blus is having discounted beer and drink prices during dart matches. Kudos to Blus!


The Office lounge on Noble Street has decided to continue their weekly tournament which was being held on Tuesday and now is moving to Thursday during the regular season.  It's a fun and relaxing place to shoot and has attracted quite a few shooters during the off season.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, and my the best teams win on Saturday!!.



Krazy Dave Faulkner, CADA Manager.





David Faulkner and Donnalee Faulkner, Founders


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