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The after season party is on June 28th instead of June 21st as previously announced.  The party is still  at 2:00 P.M. at Blus Bar on Rt. 431.  We should have plenty of time to eat, have the awards and hold a luck of the draw tournament, and still be done early enough for those folks who have to work on Monday.


The Office Lounge on Noble Street has joined the list of pubs sponsoring CADA Teams.  During the summer until we start the Fall, 2015 season the Office is holding a luck of the draw tournament on Tuesday nights for any and all who want to continue throwing on Tuesdays.  It starts at 7 P.M., $5.00 entry with a $1.00 hi-out pot.  So come on by to play and welcome the Office lounge to the CADA family!


Blus is also holding their between seasons Tuesday Dart Tournament as well.  Start time is 7 P.M., $5.00 entry fee.


Post 155 is adding a new feature to their Friday night tournament called the "Triple Play".  It's an additional $2.00 to the entry fee if you wish to join, and will give you a chance to win some cool $CASH$.  At 8:30 every Friday, the games are stopped and the name of a player that night is pulled.  Then a number from 1 thru 20 is drawn at random and the player selected has one chance to hit the triple of that number.  If successful he wins 1/3 of the pot and can try to hit the triple of the next number drawn.  If successful he wins 2/3 of the pot and a chance to win the whole pot by hitting the triple of the next number drawn.  At any time he misses his chance is over and the pot rolls over to the next week.  This pot will build very quickly and could result in having a chance to win $HUNDREDS$!!


We will have the Fall, 2015 kickoff meeting in late July to collect team rosters and entry fees.  Once rosters have been turned in the executive committee will assign teams to divisions, get schedules made and call for a second captains' meeting to hand out team captain packages.  Blank team rosters can be downloaded from here.



It was an enjoyable season and we look forward to next season being even better with new teams joining the league and hopefully older ones reforming to play again.



Krazy Dave Faulkner, CADA Manager.





David Faulkner and Donnalee Faulkner, Founders


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