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The regular season is over.  It was an excellent season with some great nail-biting matches and overall good sportsmanship by all CADA members.  I think everyone enjoyed their Tuesday nights of competition.  I will let everyone know about the party will be at the Wingmen, on Sunday, Dec. 13th at 2 P.M..  This being my last CADA party, I'm hoping everyone can make it to say goodbye.

B-division playoffs will begin the following Tuesday, Nov.24th.  Dec. 1st  and 3rd, A-division starts the playoffs and B-division completes the semi-finals. On Dec. 8 and 10th, A-division and B-division finals are played. During the semi finals it's First place vs. 4th place and 2nd place vs. 3rd place, for a race to 11 points.  The winners then face off against each other for the division championship and possesion of the Traveling Trophy.  In B-division the team scoring the highest number of points in the regular season moves up to A- division, and depending on if we pick up more teams the last place A team drops to B.  A-division finished last night with the following results:  Just one More with 87 wins, Wingmen with 79, Mad moose 65, and Blus with 63.  The semi playoffs are Blus at Just one More, and Mad Moose at the Wingmen this coming Tuesday.  Thursday the matches finish in the opposite pub.  

For those who haven't heard, this is Krazy Dave's last season managing the Dart league.  My wife and I are leaving Anniston in order to be closer to family.  Jennifer Sheets from the Office 1 team has agreed to take over as the CADA League manager, and I hope youall give her support and help when questions or problems arise.  Jenn is very fluent in Web site work and I am confident she will do an excellent job.  Jenn is the league manager effective immediately.  Her two division representives are Jamie Smtih (Blus) for A-division and Carol MacIntosh (Post 26) for B-division.  I will continue to maintain the web site through the rest of the season.



Krazy Dave Faulkner, CADA Manager.





David Faulkner and Donnalee Faulkner, Founders


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