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Post 155- the post has voted to add $50.00 to the purse for their Friday night Luck of the Draw tournament if 12 or more shooters play.  They are also awarding a free drink for getting a hat trick (one time per night). So get out and support the Post and go home a winner.  


More on the uptown tournament- it's a weekly thing on Mondays  held in the Noble Street bars, Caldwell Tavern, Smoking Moose and the Peerless.  


The tournament is held in a different pub each week, $5.00 entry fee,  with payouts every week.  

BUT!  Every time you win a game, get a hat trick, score a white horse, or  a round of nines you get a ticket.  At the end of the 3 week season (3 bars, 3 weeks) a drawing is held  for a $50, $20 and $10 gift card to be used in any of the 3 bars.  If any bars in the area are interested in joining this to boost Monday night sales, contact Jamie Smith at the Smoking Moose.


Dart supplies are now available in the following locations:  Just One More, Blus Bar, the Moose Lodge, Caldwell Tavern, Post 26 and Post 155.  The more popular products can be purchased at any of these places and if you can't find what you need , call me and I will get it for you.  


Krazy Dave Faulkner, CADA Manager.










David Faulkner and Donnalee Faulkner, Founders


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