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The Fall, 2014 season will kick off around the first week in August.  We have 13 teams this season, 5 teams in A division and 8 teams in B.  There will be a second captains meeting the Saturday before the season start date, to pick up captain's packages, (schedules, rosters, call lists, etc.)  Any team dues that are still outstanding MUST be paid in order to receive your captain's package- no exceptions.  


Rules changes are as follows:


1. All star points for A-division are now at 120 points minimum. B division remains at 100 points


2. The Ghost rule remains in effect- NO exceptions


3. B-division now has one season to defend their championship.  However, if the same team wins the championship two seasons in a row, they MUST advance to A division.


4. League start time is 7P.M.  It is NOT 7:30 as several teams have interpreted the rules to read.  Do not shoe up at 7:30 to start filling out your roster and delaying the game.  The first dart must be thrown at or before 7:30 or the team will lose one point.  If the people listed to play in the first team are not present, got to the second game and play it.  However that can only be done one time per the rules.  Also, there is a 5 minute limit in starting subsequent games, again per the existing rules.



Thanks to all for a really great season of darts.  It has been fun, intense at times, but I believe a good time was had by all.  Remember our motto- SHOOT DARTS, DRINK BEER AND HAVE FUN!

Gary Trapp, CADA Manager

Email: cadaleague@att.net  

Phone: 256-689-5698



David Faulkner and Donnalee Faulkner, Founders


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